High-quality family law representation, sound, common-sense counsel, and mindful attention to costs incurred and benefits achieved. 

Ann Oakleaf is a certified family law specialist with over 25 years of family law experience who believes in total dedication to her clients.

Family Law involves complex legal issues and highly charged emotions. The outcome can have far-reaching consequences for the parties, their children, extended family members, and others.  Ann believes strongly that capable representation requires knowledge of the law and the facts and, particularly in family law, an understanding and appreciation of the individual client and their needs.  As counsel, her goal is to guide her clients by understanding their rights and obligations and helping them see what is fair and achievable.  She believes reasonable compromise benefits her clients more than costly litigation and trial.  She also knows that a fair compromise results from a position of strength, which requires being prepared, willing, and able to take the case to trial.