Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage or Domestic Partnership

We represent traditional and non-traditional couples in Los Angeles and Orange Counties through dissolution proceedings. We recognize that with few exceptions, ending a marriage or domestic partnership is a emotionally difficult and financially fearful time. Even so, most dissolutions can be resolved through compromise and agreement so that neither party is required to appear in a courtroom. A dissolution involves change of status from married to unmarried or legally separated; a determination of what custody and visitation arrangement is in the best interest of your children; calculating and ordering child support; where appropriate, awarding temporary or permanent spousal support; and the characterization of property and debts as separate or community, and then and an equal division of the community property and debt. A fair and favorable outcome of your case requires an experienced attorney who knows the area of the law and how to negotiate a settlement– or where a settlement cannot be reached, an attorney who can present your best case effectively and efficiently to the court. We have more than 25 years of courtroom and trial experience. We understand that a case must always be handled in a cost-effective way. We are mindful that most of our clients are middle class families with limited assets to protect and preserve.